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Uncle Rico

Strawberry Season

Ok, so I know what y'all are thinking. To paraphrase David Lowery of Camper/Cracker fame, "what the world needs now is another Strawberry TR like I need a hole in my head." Yeah, well get ready for a hole in your head cause that's what's coming at you right now.

Over the weekend, I visited Strawberry to climb its western ridge since that was a gap in my San Gabes experience. I hadn't planned on it, but I ended up circling Strawberry to check out Strawberry Potrero and the north side. The trail is in super nice shape and there's a bit of water at Strawberry Spring.

TR here:

Teaser pics:


So if you could only choose between the meadow or the summit which would it be? Very Happy Awesome photo of the north face BTW.

Strawberry being overpromoted? Well, there was someone who tossed a trash canyon into Colby canyon from the trailhead.

Thanks for the report. That's a fun trip. The west ridge is a good intro to class 3.


I would live to take you up the West Ridge! It's prettier and a lot more exciting than Conejo Mtn! I know how much you loved the scrambling! It's loads of fun class 3 scrambling!  I've done it 3x up and down! Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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