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Solomons for sale

I have a brand new pair of Solomon XA 3D Ultra 2 trail shoes for sale. They cost i lil over 100, Ill sell em for like 75$   There's nothing wrong with them, Its just that they arnt right for my foot shape or somethin.
They are mens size 9.5  I only wore em an hour yesterday, then tried wearing em at work for like 3 hours today, and thats it, so theyre still like new, theres less than 2 miles on em. Oh, and theyre black if that matters.

OK, since no one wants em, ima give em to Ty. theyre his size n according to Taco hes got dibs on em first. So...they are gone now. Donated to another size 9.5 Very Happy  (Glad they were a gift so's im not out 100 bucks! Ha!) Forum Index -> Gear & Fitness
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