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I got word today that cabin #6 in Big Santa Anita Canyon (Chantry Flat) is for sale. This cabin has not been used in at least 8 years, so it has been in decline for a long time. Now a tree has fallen on it and has opened the roof; trespass is occurring.

The owner got an estimate of $15K for tree removal and repairs, so that is what he is asking for the cabin. Someone that is handy can repair it on their own, thus only paying for materials, but keep in mind the cost of packing it in on donkeys. I would imagine that the owner is motivated to sell and get something out of it before someone burns the place down, cancelling the permit for good.

Cabin #6 is in the First Water section of the canyon, not far from Hermit Falls. It sits right on the trail, however it is also close to the creek, and has usable space around it. Adjacent is the stone foundation and fireplace of cabin #5 (which burned down in the 1953 fire) and I always thought it would make a nice patio and/or place to sleep outdoors on cots. Just beyond cabin #4 is cabin #3, owned by the wife of a Forest Service employee that many of you may know (in a good way). He lived there full time when he worked at Monrovia Canyon Park, and should be able to give you some history of cabin #6. I have never been inside this cabin, so I cannot describe the amenities. I do know that there is a hidden "flat" behind the cabins where Bill Adams once had a grazing corral for the pack station donkeys, and there is enough sun that cabin #3 has a solar panel there.

This is a great opportunity to own a living piece of San Gabriel Mountain history before it becomes just another mysterious concrete slab in the woods. Don't have fifteen grand? Go in with some buddies, like the San Antonio Hiking Club did.

Please visit the cabin before contacting Adams' Pack Station for the owner's information. Directions: follow the asphalt road (Cardiac Hill) down into the canyon, round the first bend where there is a sign hoping that your journey into nature will lead you to yourself, at the second bend, just beyond the bench and garbage can, you will see a junction sign for First Water, follow the switchbacks to their terminus at cabin #7, follow the trail to the right (south) of cabin #7 and cross the creek, follow the trail downstream and over some gabions above the check dam and you will see cabin #6 on the left (dark red/brown). Cabin map is here:

The best time to talk with the pack station is Friday, Saturday or Sunday, or leave a message after your visit to the cabin at 626-447-7356 You may also want to read:

14 of you want to go in with me on this? Very Happy

I would definitely be in for 1k, perhaps up to 5 depending on circumstances.

(David, we've done two canyons together)

I'm in for a grand.

That's kinda cool. Good luck. Smile

Besides the tree problem, is this area prone to natural disasters such as fires and flooding?

I'm in for $1.71. Should be good for 1 hour each year.



bertfivesix wrote:

nein! thought about it but this location is far to low in elevation and in close proximity to riff-raff

I am in for a G


#117 In Winter Creek up for $50K - WAY too much!!

PackerGreg wrote:

Did I win?

Any new news on this??

Also - Are there any full time cabin residents? Forum Index -> Gear & Fitness
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