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SOLD!... Big SAC Cabin For Sale

Cabin 2 for sale in Big Santa Anita Canyon

Cabin 2 is located in the easily accessed First Water area.  It is down toward the stream below and removed from the trail.  When the current owners purchased it, the cabin was a mess.  They have fully restored its original features as per historic photos using reclaimed 100 year old lumber.  The roof was completely replaced and other work done on the inside.  The cabin has a lovely deck that overlooks the stream.  The owners are asking $50,000.  Please contact Adams' Pack Station for an appointment to see the inside after you have visited it.

Call 626.447.7356 or email Deb (


Sigh.... I wish.

VermillionPearlGirl wrote:
Sigh.... I wish.

Sighing & wishing with you... what a beauty!

Duh.  Why didn't I think of this before?  When I rob the bank, this will not only be my new cabin but it will also be my hideout from the law  Razz  Wink


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