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So, how do you post a video?

I've figured out how to post pics but was clueless as to how to post a Youtube Video. I searched for "how do you post a video?" but came up with nothing except videos that everyone else seems to easily know how to post! Crimony!

Will the embedded video show up in preview? I tried a number of different combinations but nada. Just point me in the right direction and I'll figure it out.


The trick to posting a YouTube video on this forum is that you have to use the old embed code that starts with "<object..." You get the old code by clicking on the box below the embed code.

There are two styles of embed codes that are available for YouTube videos. The new embed code begins with "<iframe..." and supports both Flash and HTML5 video. The older style of embed code begins with "<object..." and only support Flash playback.

Some services only support the older "<object..." embeds. If you do encounter a site that rejects your "<iframe..." embed code, the recommended course of action is that you use the older "<object..." code for the time being.

To generate an "<object..." embed code, you can take the following steps:

   Click on the Embed button under the video.
   Select the Use old embed code checkbox.
   Once you’ve selected this checkbox, copy the code in the Embed field.
   Paste the embed code into the the third-party site.

The embedded video will show up in the preview post if done correctly.
Hope that helps!

thanks Tim! That did the trick.

I thought I'd bump this thread since the information is out-of-date and unhelpful. You can no longer find the old embed code on Youtube. So here it is:

<object width="480" height="360"><param name="movie" value="//"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="//" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="480" height="360" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>

Copy that code but replace the two instances of the word "INSERT" with your video's unique ID, which can be found in the URL between "v=" and the "&" symbol (if there is one).

I don't think you'll see the embedded video on your post's preview screen, but it should show up once you submit it.

I wasn't getting anything with what Sean posted.  I'm getting results with just this:
<embed width="640" height="400" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true"></embed>

Which results in:

NOTE:  Preview doesn't seem to work with videos.



<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//;controls=0&amp;showinfo=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Gonna have to give you a failing grade on this test. Sorry.

No way man, my last attempt totally worked!

posting video test...

CM --


On my old Safari browser, the top of your test is a blank white rectangle, and the bottom video is there and plays fine...

On my newer (current?) Firefox, both rectangles are gray and blank...

Computer is 4-year-old iMac running OS X 10.6.8...


Yup. Bupkis.

Well poop.

Taco, any info on this webhost supporting the new iframe embed code? Forum Index -> Admin & Tech Support
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