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Tom Kenney

Snowy Splendor

I went with extended family on a whale watching cruise from Marina Del Rey this past Sunday, which ended up being mostly a dolphin watching cruise.  Never did see any whales, but the morning group did (we were afternoon).

I did manage to snap some neat shots.  The first two are even technically 'on-topic' for the forum...The San Gabriels, viewed from a nice perspective.  Shot 1 is from Dockweiler Beach, and shot 2 is from the main channel at Marina Del Rey as we returned from our '3 hour cruise'. The second shot contains a couple neat surprises if you zoom in to the full-size version.

Next is the Frank Gehry designed yacht 'Foggy':

Last, some fauna:

Great pics! Thanks. Do you feed the dolphins on these trips?
Tom Kenney


No, we didn't feed them.  The spotter just watches for 'spalshy-splashy' areas, or spots where many birds are fishing (pelicans, cormorants, etc).  We lucked out and wound up in a pod of a couple hundred dolphins.  IIRC, these are the smaller common dolphin.  Most were about 1.5M long, and there were many babies in the group.

BTW, messed up the captions for the first 2 pics...fixed that.

What are the surprises in the 2nd picture? I see a blimp and the mountains.

The 3rd picture has a weird looking critter on a pole at the center of the pic. wtf?

Tom Kenney


Yeah, the blimp was one, the other is you can clearly see the Mt. Wilson Toll Road.  Showing my age here...there was a time when a blimp sighting was kinda special, and seeing the mountains from the beach in clear detail likewise.

Have no freakin' idea what that stuffed critter is.  I'm guessing it's some sort of mascot for the hoist operation?  Maybe a 'safety flag' to prevent accidental impalement on the pole?

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