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Skinny bear, snake and bobcat

Worried about this little dude, who has been on his own (no mother) since this spring.  He looks thin, but hopefully has enough fresh grass and manzanita berries to keep him going until he's big enough to hunt.

I saw a nice little rattlesnake today too.  It tried to get away from me so fast, I couldn't even get a good pic.  

And last, I love getting daytime video of any animal, but especially the bobcats.  Their fur is so beautiful.  I tried putting scent under those rocks, in hopes the bears would move some stuff around, but they can't be fooled apparently.  



I love the bobcat.
Mike P

Nice, CM!

Nice video of the bobcat.  I spend a lot of time in the Santa Ana Mountains, and bobcats seem to be quite common there.  Occasionaly I'll get a quick glance of one (never happens in the San Gabriel, San Berdoo, or San Jacinto Mtns), but I also see a lot of their footprints all over the range.

Great pix and video!

Are these all in the Verdugos?

These are all up on Mt Wilson.  Haven't seen any bears in the Verdugos since the infamous Meatball.

What's with the deadbeat mama bear bogarting the meatballs?
Mike P

HikeUp wrote:
What's with the deadbeat mama bear bogarting the meatballs?

Say that ten times fast Smile Forum Index -> Flora & Fauna & Fungi
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