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Ski hut via baldy bowl trail

The wife and I took a trip up to the ski hut on 05/28/15.

There is still good water flow from the stream near the ski hut for those looking to save some weight on the trip up.

San Antonio falls is looking pretty meager though.

It was a great day for a hike, temps in the upper 60's with a small breeze.

Met a hiker coming down off baldy who was a bit lost and gave directions on how to return to his car.  My wife had picked up one of the free maps at the trail head and gave it to this poor fellow who didn't even bring a map. Shocked

More pics can be found on my blog:
https://illusivetrails.wordpress....30/manker-flats-to-baldy-ski-hut/ Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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