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Silverado Fire

The Silverado fire in Orange County has burned at least 1,600 acres and prompted mandatory evacuations. Smoke can be seen a long ways away.  I hope it stays away from the houses and cabins.

Trailheads blocked by the fire include Black Star Canyon, Bedford, Modjeska, Bald, and Pleasants Peak.

Silverado fire

We hike the trails you mentioned in the cooler weather. This is a bad one.  These trails will likely be closed for a while especially if we have a wet winter.

the day the fire started around 6PM I ran up the Harding truck trail to see if i could get any pictures of the fire/air support. It was like a personal air show with 6-7 planes doing flybys, the DC-10 was pretty cool. I didnt get far enough up to get any real pictures but cool in person. I'm sad about the fire. I used  the silverado trail to bedford peak all the time its a quick leg burner with a nice bench/view at the top. Forum Index -> News & Conditions
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