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Silver Mtn 3385'

I took a day off a week ago from doing my usual Wednesday sometimes crazy, off trail ridge scrambling/rock climbing hikes. I thought I would take it easy and do something that I have been wanting to do for some time on the Lower Peaks list.

Silver Mtn 3385' is known for being a long steep climb off the Silver Fish Road.

We hiked up the Silver fish road which starts at the locked gate marked 2N28. We walked less than a quarter mile and took a short cut up the west ridge going towards Sentinel Peak.

The ridge has some steep parts. The start of the firebreak has lots of crevices and loose rocks but its easy to safely climb up as you continue the ascent. It gradually gets easier and there is a small flat area between the ridges.

Finally, we approached the road where it continues either right or left. Here you have some options: continuing up the ridge to Sentinel Pk or go to the right continuing on the Silver fish Road along the rim of Water Canyon up to Silver Peak.

Sections of the road between the Silver Mountain and Sentinel are not horribly overgrown but slightly annoying before approaching the South ridge of Silver Mtn.

The road contours around the Silver Mountain peak but we headed up the South Ridge.

Here is where the fun begins lol! Its a meandering climb up 3 false bumps that are slightly overgrown.

We continued to climb the rim of Water Canyon.

The last couple of feet towards the peak you are surrounded with beautiful Lupines which definitely are a sight for sore eyes!

As we approached the summit it was very windy and cold. After taking off some layers we had to quickly put our jackets back on!
We found the wet soggy summit register. I placed the register in a new plastic bag.

View of Water Canyon.

Summit pose.

Views from the summit. It was a very foggy day and portions of the trail were still wet from the previous rain. The rains brought some pretty lush green areas along the ridge, not to mention poppies and lupines were very abundant!

Spotted this beautiful butterfly at the end of the trail.

The route we took is known for being a tick loving breeding area.  Caution!!! wear long pants and make sure to check yourself! Last time I was there I found a tick on my side and I thought I was covered up pretty good, but those ticks will find a way to latch onto your body!


Nice. I couldn't find the register when I went up there the last time, soaked or not. Glad it's there now. Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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