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Uncle Rico

Shortest Road Walk

Anyone know the best route to minimize the road walk between the Sam Merrill trailhead at the top of Lake Ave and the Mt. Wilson Toll Road. Assume you're coming down the Toll Road from Henninger.


If you want to avoid roads you can pick up the Altadena Crest Trail just a few yards west of the west end of the bridge over Eaton Wash. It will take you to Zane Grey Terrace and then hook up with the route above...or...,-118.1278298,16.99z/data=

Be sure to click the little "hiker" icon to get walking directions.

The bit of non-road walking between Rubio Canyon Rd and Alpin Villa Dr. is perhaps a bit confusing but you'll figure it out.
Uncle Rico

Much appreciated HikeUp. Wasn't sure about the Altadena Crest trail or that little piece between Rubio and Alpine Villa. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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