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Sheep charge; kids do learn from home life

Retrospecting pics from 2013, thought I'd put up some of a certain behavior I had seen but not photographed before. (includes a reveal during an ambiguous posture, too.)

Please chime in if any of you have seen this before.

For brevity, I'll include only a few comments--no droning on sheep natural history, behavior etc. (sorry Ellen, not adding to the Cliff's notes compendium for now Wink

Subunit trio:

Posture, Trigger:

closeup, confirm

Oh yeah?

"Heyyy! Starboard!!"*

Conservation, Law

(Newton 3?)

"I'm OK"

"Did what I saw just happen? Faduqizzat. Checkitout."

"Dang. Like the British phrase, taking the..."

"I see what you did there. Kidzeedo.."

"Line up from the side. even better, you're looking away..."

"Ready, aim...."

"Discretion is the better part of stupidity. I think I'll just mill about smartly."

OK, refer to Cliff note 5a; what I did and why:

Why 5a is OK, to habituate them to ease of presence. "Oh, it's just a Dalek.":

*(check out the Sea Shepherd ramming this week, those of you who sail or boat)

thanks for looking,
kind regards,
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