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Shasta Via Casaval Ridge


Damn, the summit sure did shrink.

TacoDelRio wrote:
Damn, the summit sure did shrink.

How do you mean?

The pic, foo! Looks like you're on a summit.
Dave G

Way to go, Tinerballiner! Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy
How many hours? Techinical difficulty of Casaval compared to the other stuff you've been doing this season?

Thanks Dave, much appreciated.
13 1/2 hours car to car.  we lost time in the beginning due to really bad visibility.  there wasn't really a trail to follow so we were going off of miguels skills of being up there 4 times before.  We were also hoping to glissade down but the snow was too icy to do so, thus, losing another hour coming down.  on the way down i slipped and fell about 300 yards, it was icy, picked up too much speed then still couldn't self arrest-crampon landed into the snow stopping me, i was lucky i didn't break anything.  in regards to technical, i didn't find it any more difficult than the other stuff i have been doing this season EXCEPT the altitude.  I didn't get altitude sickness, but it slowed me down because i wasn't drinking enough.  i know better but for whatever reason i didn't listen to my and learn.  the cat walk wasn't really a ledge more like a drop off that you had to front step into the snow/ice.  i froze up once during it for a minute or two because i had front stepped into a chunk of ice that actually fell off and went down.  jared and miguel talked me through it and it was fine.  the cat walk isn't that long so once you get through it your fine.  it would be great to go back and do again with less wind though, it plays a factor in your enjoyment level that is for sure.


So that IS the summit? WTF? Thought it was bigger.


Great job Tina - Bellina - AKA Biatttchhhhhhh

That picture of you on the summit is awsome - new avatar

Looks mighty cold up there.

Glad you were able to stop at only 300 feet on the slide, that must have been a "wake up call" on how slick things are at high altitude in big winds.

Nice work. Very Happy  Very Happy

300 feet, or 300 meters?

One's an "oops", one's a "WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
Johnny Bronson

TacoDelRio wrote:
300 feet, or 300 meters?

One's an "oops", one's a "WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!"


Awesome picture Tina!Beautiful.

Nice job, Tina ..
Very Happy
norma r

BAD!!!!!   Cool

i am Green with envy though SO HAPPY for you!   Way to Go!  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

Looks like you weren't the only one who slipped on Shasta last weekend, Tina: Forum Index -> Other Ranges
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