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Several Cabins For Sale in Big Santa Anita Canyon

I don't want to spam the forum, especially since I don't get a commission, so I have edited this post to list three cabins available in Big SAC...

Cabin 34 at Bon Accord (former Girl Scout Camp), cabin 56 at the mouth of the East Fork, close to Fern Lodge, and cabin 99 at Spruce Grove.

Details and more photos at Adams' Pack Station
Sitting Bull

That is awesome.  I was just at Sturtevant Falls this week with my son and he  was asking about the cabins and who lives in them etc.

Price of Cabin 34 lowered by $10,000, new photos added


that cabin looks like a nice place to spend some time

Wow.  Really spic n' span.


Cabin 34 SOLD. Cabins 56 and 99 are still available


Cabin 56 SOLD. Cabin 99 is still available. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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