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sespe hike this wednesday - cobblestone mtn?

We're thinking about getting out for at least a 20 miler on wednesday.  There is an appeal to take the Buck Creek trail from Hard Luck Camp towards Black Mtn, Cobblestone Mtn, Snowy Peak, and that area.   Anyone ever had any positive or negative experiences down that way?
norma r

i haven't done Cobblestone yet.  Only looked at it from San Rafael Peak.  i don't know the trail.  lemme' look into it.  i might be interested.
norma r

p.s.  confused.  you mentioned Wed in title and Thurs in post.  i'm not avail on Wed.

Sorry for the confusion norma. Its for wed. I think I'm goin nuts.
norma r

not avail Wed. i'll be workin' Forum Index -> Other SoCal Ranges
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