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Serious rock climbing

If you are into serious rock climbing, try this

Re: Serious rock climbing

RichardK wrote:
If you are into serious rock climbing, try this

Uh, no, don't try this. Honnold is a freak of nature. Most likely you will fall and die if you attempt to repeat his feats.

I think he killed it(rock climbing).
Rather than being a moon landing, it was a 'jump the shark'.

I dont think that was his intention, but I think thats how its going to play out as rock climbing is commoditized. The youngsters is the REI gyms now who are being closely coached and branded ,are going to be able to make these move artificially. So whats left? Gold. Only athletics. Faster, etc. He says he wouldnt make the cut in the Olympics, but it looks like thats only because there is no prize for his routes yet. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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