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September critters

Hot temperatures = lazy animals.  Still managed to get some good videos.

So that mysterious deer kill in the Santa Monicas  - it had a spot of nibbled/plucked fur on its ribs.  That was swabbed for DNA and came back with female mountain lion DNA!  Doesn't mean that was the cause of death, but it's interesting that something stopped by to try a nibble.  Probably realized quickly that the deer was a bit 'ripe' to scavenge.

Trailcam video of the carcass shows turkey vultures picking it clean in about three days.  I need to edit that together in some kind of time-lapse.  It's pretty amazing.

You guys might recognize this spot.  It's one of my favorites in the San Gabriels.  I didn't have a camera there all summer, but set one up in late August and it's still great for bears.  I hope to see a ringtail here again. (There is no scent lure on the camera - believe me, I don't need animals chomping on my stuff like this.  Bears just have to check everything out.)


Interesting stuff. Bear slobber - yay!

Cool footage, CM! (as always)

That one fox really liked your scent lure.  Those foxes are so cute.

I see what you mean about how mountain lions "carry" their tales (I'm referring to that hunter who thought he saw a mt. lion).

Pretty neat to see what's out there, but a bit freaky since I sometimes hike alone after dark.   Shocked

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