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Semi urban hike, Johnson's Pasture

Karen and I got out for a couple hours yesterday morning, quick jaunt up Sycamore Canyon, through Johnson's Pasture and back via Thompson Creek. Technically all this stuff is part of the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park which was open for the first time all week.
Didn't get pictures of the residential area as we walked from home....

Gate near Higginbotham Park in Claremont.

Flat spot in the middle of this steep little trail, gains about 600 feet in less than a mile. It ends at a fire road in the notch below right of the towers. There are a couple of benches for rest and taking in the views. On clear days Catalina is visible, today it was the ocean layer. We did see Saddleback.

Junction - going left at the road heads into Johnson's Pasture and over to Webb Canyon, right is downhill to Thompson Creek.

Summer view of Gale Mountain. As kids we used to go up there via the fire break on the eastern side. Thought we were really getting away from it all.

Almost to Thompson Creek trail at Pomello Ave. There is also a Girl Scout camp here along with a horse barn.

To keep it wild, we stayed on the unpaved portion of the trail. We also included a stop at the 100K bathroom in the picture.

Johnston's Pasture

I'm sure it was a nice pleasant hike. I drove by the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park on Thursday and the road was closed along with the Glendora Mtn Road. Signs were posted that the roads would be closed for the ext 5 days.  Lucky for you they opened it but unfortunately the GMR is still closed.
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