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David Stillman

Self-Surgery (video link): Extraction of Yucca Needle

Check out this video. I did a reasonably professional job at digging out a yucca thorn that's been in my knee fro the last 4 months.

That's weird.  Suddenly I'm hungry.   Laughing


Wow! Do you take HMO, I have a piece of buckthorn in my elbow. Figured it would work its way out eventually buts its been in there for months!
David Stillman

Good one. Was wild doing it on myself. Don't usually get the shakes like that. Cash on the barrelhead fee for service. Don't mind the palsied tremors.

ouch! thanks for sharing.

Attack of the Yucca

Do you have video of when the Yucca attacked your knee?
David Stillman

Sean, no video of the actual stick. I got tagged on Cobblestone Peak back in May. For the TR see:


I enjoyed reading your TR. I'm not familiar with the Los Padres forest. The cross-country bushwhacking and steep climbs are right up my alley. However, the poodle dog picture triggered bad memories and now I'm going to have a nightmare about cutting open my knee and pulling out a poisonous purple flower.

Dude awesome.

I found myself living strangely vicariously through this video... skills I wish I could have without all the years of hard work that goes into acquiring them. Forum Index -> Flora & Fauna & Fungi
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