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Uncle Rico

Seen Today

A lady standing in the middle of a big clump of those pretty purple flowers that bloom along the ACH in the burn area while her husband/boyfriend/brother/friend snapped a photo.  Shocked

Wonder if he got in next.

Maybe if you had offered to take the photo for them...  Smile

I'm itching to get a shot!

A camo-garbed, rifle-slinging hunter who told me that he could walk in a big, unspecified loop around Devils Canyon in an hour, because he "never gets tired." He said this after watching me struggle up the headwall of Skull Canyon to the ACH Devils Canyon Vista point.

I also never get tired...of listening to people's bullshit exaggerations. Forum Index -> Flora & Fauna & Fungi
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"Their only motive was a great ideal; this was what linked together mountaineers so widely dissimilar in background and so diverse in character."
Maurice Herzog, Annapurna