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Secret Tunnel Under The East Fork Road

While working on a mine website, I happened to find this awesome tunnel that runs under the East Fork Road.
It's pristine on the inside, and I don't want it to get tagged, so I won't say exactly where this is, but it's a drainage
tunnel that runs from a side canyon into the East Fork. When I discovered this a year ago it was about 25 feet above the
East Fork riverbed. Now, after a year of heavy rainfall you can literally float a boat into it.

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 photo IMG_5484_zpsgm5opb5m.jpg

Here's the same tunnel, less than a year later. I would estimate the water has risen 25 feet.

 photo IMG_5483b_zpskr7wguyk.jpg

On the right side of the tunnel there's a long chute that leads all the way up to the road.

 photo IMG_5485_zpsobnlfc19.jpg

It's hard to make out the third letter, but I believe this reads B.C.G. 1946. The B.C. part will tell you the tunnel's location.

 photo IMG_5487_zpsin68p6b9.jpg

Here's the southern entrance. There's probably about a foot of water inside now.

 photo IMG_5488_zpsiouwg2gb.jpg

Just inside the entrance swifts have built their mud nests into the ceiling.

 photo IMG_5491_zpsk1gboagv.jpg

I haven't measured the inside of the tunnel, but it goes all the way through the mountain, probably 500 feet or so.

 photo IMG_5489_zpsvuhkunah.jpg

On the north side there's a huge, well designed debris catcher.

 photo IMG_5501_zpsgxtgzkli.jpg

When you exit through the north side, it's possible to climb back up to the road, if you don't mind bushwacking.

 photo IMG_5503_zpsexcli5ot.jpg

I never fail to find something new and interesting every time I hike the East Fork. This was a heavy gold mining
area back in the 1800's and scores of people still try their luck at sluicing or panning the riverbed. Further up the road
you'll find the Road To Nowhere and the Bridge To Nowhere.

Be sure to check out my website, I'll be adding more soon. Lost Mines of Los Angeles County


Ooh, that's neat. You're one of the few to actually go down there, I bet. I looked through your site too. Good stuff! How do you got about finding the mine sites? Is there some resource, or is that secret? Smile

Finding Old Mines

Start with Hugh Blanchard's website. He was the king of finding these old mines.

There was a 'mine' of sorts in that side canyon at one time.  The first contractor to remove silt from the San Gabriel Dam reservoir had a gold separation system on the conveyor system that moved material into the fill area.

As I recall, there were at least two 15 or 20 foot deep test tunnels in the walls of that side canyon.  They are now deep under the layers of filler sand from the reservoir.

I like your website too, lots of nostalgia there from my days in the San Gabriel Mountains.

Here are a few pictures of the Allison Mine in 1973: Forum Index -> General Discussion
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