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About 20 years ago I started scuba diving, but I gave it up after a while because I decided if I wasn't going to do it all the time, so that everything about it, including emergency procedures, was second nature, it was too dangerous to continue.  So I hung up my (custom-made, due to my height) wetsuit and never went out again, except for some occasional snorkeling.

Recently I started seeing a lady who scuba dives regularly, and I told her I'd like to start diving again myself.  She was happy to hear that and said we could go out whenever I felt I was ready.  A few years ago I tried on my old wetsuit, and it still fit, barely.  I weigh a little less now than I did then, so that should be all right.  It is easy to rent all the rest of the gear you need (tank, regulator, buoyancy compensator, etc).

One of the nice things about scuba diving in Southern California is the sea temperature here is fairly constant year-round.  So it's not seasonal at all, you can do it whenever you want.

I guess I will need to get one of these so I can post dive reports to the SGMDF, though I'm not sure which category to post in:


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