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I just read an article in the NYT about the 100th year anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America. I've only personally known two or three people who were actual members. Anyone here an alumni? If so, did the experience significantly foster an appreciation for the outdoors, or was that always there?

I enjoyed my time in the Scouts and look back at that time fondly.  I had some good experiences there, and indeed I do think that Scouting increased my awareness of and interest in the outdoors.  I also had a father who was really into hiking and backpacking who was the Scoutmaster.

I've got some friends whose sons are in Scouts.  I've done some things with Scout troops including leading Scouts on a hike on Pacifico.  Good stuff.


Made Eagle Scout in 1987. Some of the best times in my life. Boy Scouts is the reason I love the outdoors. The people I know who were not in Boy Scouts, they got into video games and such and passed that down to their kids. My kids love camping and getting out to geocache and things like that. They havent done any real hiking, one just turned 4 and the other is 6. Soon we will get out as a family and back pack.

Cool stuff. I wish I had an opportunity to do something similar when I was younger. I didn't realize the joys of backpacking until I actually picked it up years later. I also wish my parents followed through on their threat to make me take piano lessons, but that's too off-topic.

My troop was a backpacking only troop.  One outing every month.  The only car-camping we did was at the annual district Camporee.  It was an awesome troop (I actually had to shop around for a decent troop, as my local troop in Laguna Niguel sucked; so I joined the San Juan Capistrano Troop 12 a few miles away.  It is some kind of Jesus-hugging troop now, that doesn't do any backpacking).

As all my experience was backpacking in local mountains, the desert and Sierra, we always had stoves with us, and never made fires.  To this day I don't know how to build a campfire without a supply of gasoline.

I still use some gear from my Scouting days.

simonov wrote:
To this day I don't know how to build a campfire without a supply of gasoline.

Brings back memories...

Ah, yes, more gasoline = more better.  Laughing


Eagle Scout 1988. Resigned as Scoutmaster of a troop in Texas when I moved out to California summer 2010. My son, brother and dad are Egale also.

The skills and experiences I learned and had as a scout have helped me in the outdoors but I think the leadership and responsibility I had has helped me more in the "real" world.

Never made it to Boy Scouts.  Got kicked out of Cub Scouts for playing with firecrackers, M80s, and making our own fireworks from stuff we got at the local drug stores and hardware stores.  Those were the good 'ol days, when a kid could have some real fun!  

When I think about all that stuff I did back then I'm surprised I survived my youth and that I'm not in jail.   Very Happy

Eagle Scout 1973. Cubmaster for my boys for a number of years (7?) and Asst Scoutmaster until my boys dropped out for athletics in High School.  Scouting did more to build my love for the outdoors, teach me skills that I still use today, and keep me out of trouble than anthing except my parents. Love Scouting!
Johnny Bronson

Never did boy scouts,but I went on a few trips with a few friends who were scouts.I enjoyed doing trips with them.Though I never got into it myself,spent most of my outdoor experience growing up with my father and family who took us camping nearly every other weekend to baldy,yos,yellowstone,bishop,whitney,jtree all over california and nevada etc etc

I always respected the scouts and enjoyed being around them though. Forum Index -> The Pub
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