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Santiago Peak -- Riverside County?

Santiago Peak.  Anybody done it from the Riverside County side?  Sally?  Ellen?  Anybody?

I see a Coldwater Trail (6W01) marked the topo map, but I can't figure out where the trail head is.

I've sketched in some guesses here:

Info appreciated.


I haven't done it from that side, but here is a trip report from Indian Truck Trail coming from the east.

Both the Coldwater Trail and the East Horsethief Trail have been abandoned by the USFS.  Not sure why, but I gotta believe it was due to development in the I-15 corridor north of Lake Elsinore.  You can still find their intersection points with the Main Divide Trail, but it'd be a tough haul to go up them.  Your best bet would be the Indian Truck Trail.  Its a graded dirt road, so probably more fun with an MTB than hiking shoes.  

Here's a link to a Q I posted a while back about the East Horsethief Trail with an MTB video in one of the responses.   If it doesn't come up just scroll down about 20 threads and you'll see it.   (the WEST Horsethief trail, on the west side of the Santa Ana Mtns, still exists): Forum Index -> Other SoCal Ranges
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