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Santa Cruz Driving Roads or whatever name whatever

Just a TR or rambling or whatever...

Went up north to pick up a car for my friend with some friends. Ended up driving the car home. 1987 BMW 328es, runs like a champ for $800 buckeroos. It was fun drifting in the rain and scaring people. I will try to pick one up when $$$$ happens.

The roads and scenery up there are beautiful, and the people were quite nice. I'd like to do a road trip once everything is taken care of and I've got one set up proper with all the usual bits and bobs.

On the way out in the morning, we were headed uphill going 60-70 some on some 4-lane divided highway through the hills when SUDDENLY OVERSTEER (ooooold suspension bits, limited-travel overloaded rear trailing arms) in the rain. Kissed the divider and recovered like butter. Probably scared the shit outta the folks behind me, and scared my buddy.

No biggie, gonna be a track toy anyway.

I miss spirited driving. Sad


Thats cool! Is that the model that people drop 350's in?

Probably, though the LS1 is more common. The 6 it comes with is great though... I'd smoke fools left and right with it slightly massaged rather than going the LS1 route. Even my Mom has an LS1 swap. Laughing

That picture out the windshield looks to be along Hwy 101 between Gilroy and Salinas.  Very llittle shoulder along that section making the lanes kinda tight, and a lot of up-and-down sections and curves that make it a little challenging even in dry, sunny weather.  

If you're going up there driving, might also want to spend some time at Pinnacles National Monument - decent rock climbing on the volcanic remanents, and some easy hiking, too throught he weird volcanic outcroppings.  Its the Bay area equivalent of JTNP. I'd suggest going in from the east side of the monument  along hwy 25 (not the west side along hwy 101), as it has a great car campgound.

Thanks coyote. My sister suggested the same, as she lives near there. Smile Forum Index -> The Pub
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