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Santa Barbara backpacking options

Anyone out there have any suggestions for a multi-day hike in the Santa Barbara area?  
Thanks in advance!

I live out in Carpinteria, near SB. The best ones I know of are:

-Romero Canyon up through Blue Canyon/the backside of the mountains
-Sespe River trail (in LP, closer to Ojai)
-Up and around Figueroa, near Santa Ynez (Nira)
-Little Pine Mountain area from Paradise Road

Good luck!

A friend and I did a 2 or 3 nighter around the Hurricane Deck area of the Dick Smith Wilderness.  It was probably 12 or more years ago, so details are vague and much may have changed since then, but I recall it being a good trip overall.  FWIW.

Thanks guys!  That gives me some options to chew on. Cool Forum Index -> Other SoCal Ranges
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