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Santa Anita Canyon Road - Chantry Flats Closed

Below was posted on Facebook by Adams' Pack Station:

Santa Anita Canyon Road - Chantry Flats Closed.

The U.S Forest Service has shut down the Chantry Flats Recreation Area due to the Federal Furlough. It will remain closed until further notice and the gates leading up to Chantry will remain locked.

Bailey Canyon and Mount Wilson Trail will remain open for hiking activities until this weekend when the City will re-evaluate the High Fire Danger as we will be moving into a strong Red Flag Warning starting Thursday..

Just my opinion, but this is crap!

I thought it would be important to pass on the info for those who might be planning to hike or over night in the area and might now need to change plans before they leave home.

National Forest Closure? Article link:

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