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San J Canyoneering

So... no info out on the intarwebz regarding canyoneering in the San Jacinto range, namely them big canyons on the north side. I was looking at all these sweet looking canyons that never seemed to be steep enough this week while on a drive through the area. I was hoping one of our resident canyoneering gurus could help me out with this?

When I was a young kid at orchestra camp (lol band camp) we'd visit Strawberry creek, it was the most beautiful boulder strewn creek I'd ever seen. We'd "hike" along it for half a mile or so, hopping from rock to rock, enjoying the beautiful scenery and um... locals. Until eventually it got too steep to go any further.

I had dreams of one day taking Strawberry Creek down to... well... wherever it went.

Now I'm not saying it should be canyoneered. Or that it could be. Or that an experienced mountaineer would even need rope. But I am saying it's one of the most magical place on earth and I'd be happy to tag along and see what happened. Wink Forum Index -> Other SoCal Ranges
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