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San Gorgonio

Thinking of doing an over-nighter tomorrow (Thursday 5/7) in the San Gorgonio area. Leaving sometime after 12p and coming back friday afternoon or maybe earlier... anyone game?

PS: if anyone can give me conditions for the northern slopes up to San G it would be helpful... looks like its gonna be warm the next few nights. Snow conditions?

I was out there this past weekend.  Some patches of snow in well shaded north facing areas down to as low as 7500'.  Upper slopes still quite snowy.  

Supposed to be hot this weekend.  Should be a regular slush-fest.  If you camp at Dry Lake, you could probably find some dry spots.

Kathy W posted some pics over on the San Gorgonio board that show the N face of San G.  Check it out:

Message sent.

Here are a couple of photos I took on Sunday of the north side of things.


nice! looks like things are drying up fast. thanks for the beta, Jim. heading out now.

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