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RSS or similar?

I'm new to this site so part of this may be just that I'm not good at finding stuff yet. I notice that some folks seem to know right away when something gets posted. Is there a way to get RSS feeds or something? I'm not seeing it.

I do not know, to be honest with you. I'm sure there's a way to use an outside RSS something-or-other to get that done. I don't know much about that kind of software though, so perhaps someone else knows.

Some help I am, huh? Laughing

When you are logged in click on Profile above, under that there's a category called "Preferences" three quarters down the page of choices, then the third one down under that is "notify me of responses and notify me by email of postings" change that from "NO to Yes" and you should be all set, it get's a little crazy as there's quite a bit of stuff posted.

I find it easier just to check in twice a day and not take on all those extra emails, I get enough already  Shocked  Very Happy


I thought i saw a 'watch this forum' link somewhere but i must have been high cause i dont see it anymore.


thanks lilbitmo. i kinda thought it might get crazy but then for me it takes a while to click into each of the forums and try to find what's been posted. i always find a thread that had been posted a few days ago and somehow i missed it. i'll try the email thing. Or maybe there is a view somewhere that shows a list of all threads updated regardless of which forum they are in? like a "all new postings" link or something? I know, I'll get over it.

Re: watching

longcut wrote:
I thought i saw a 'watch this forum' link somewhere but i must have been high cause i dont see it anymore.

Look just under the thread it says watch this for replies, just click that.

To view posts since your last visit, click on the link "View Posts Since Last Visit" on the upper right hand side above the blue bar on the main page. You can also identify unread posts with the tan colored icon next to the forum section or thread.

On the main page just above the "Who's Online" bar, you can also click on "Watch all forums for new topics" or "Stop watching any forums." I'm not exactly sure what this does, but maybe watching a forum means you get an email when someone posts something. Alternately, you can watch a specific forum by clicking on the "Watch this forum for new topics" link in the upper right above the blue bar once you're in that forum section. Then like yobtaf said, you can watch a specific thread with the "Watch this topic for replies" link at the bottom of the thread. Forum Index -> Admin & Tech Support
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