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Sitting Bull

Royal Gorge, Devil's Canyon & Swimming Holes in the ANF

I'm looking to do a day hike in the Angeles to a nice swimming hole.  I don't hear much about Royal Gorge or Devil's Canyon on the boards or blogs.  Has anyone been to either of them lately?  Any other good swimming hikes you recommend?

Haven't been into the Royal Gorge since before the Station Fire, but I've been just upstream of there between Switzer's Falls and Bear Canyon a couple of times recently. Many of the big pools are still full of sand and silt with a relatively small amount of brackish brown water in the margin. Not sure if it's because there's still so much debris coming down from the fire or if it's because there hasn't been enough water flow lately to really flush them out. In any case, not much to offer in the way of swimming there.
Sitting Bull

I think I will head up that way and see what it looks like.  If there's no swimming to be had, I'm sure it will still be a pleasant hike.

Yeah, I was going to similarly note, there's not really a swimming hole amount of water anywhere right now. I was in Icehouse yesterday. And I was in Bear Canyon last week, and I've hopped in both places before and there just doesn't seem to be much going on in the water department.

Hope you find some though! Smile

I visited Devils Canyon a couple times before the big rains hit. Not sure of the water level now, but it was only about 1-1 1/2 get deep throughout in January and February. It was a beautiful hike, but lined with poodle dog bush so not necessarily recommended to hang out around. The Sespe's flowing pretty well right now, if you're willing to make the drive!

Devils canyon falls and cascade are fine...not as super deep as usual due to a bunch of sand. Terrain including Skull canyon is overgrown. 'Trail', if you want to call it that, is about 75% of the distance.The last 25% is in the creek...confined space/vegetation/branches kind of travel, but at least the rattlesnake threat is reduced because visibility is improved.

On 'trail'...

Monkey Canyon might work although it's been a long time since I've been there. I'm guessing it got taken out in the Station Fire. Someone here may know.

It would also be a destination instead of a hike with swimming.

Up the 2 and make a left on to the Angeles Forest Hwy at the Clear Creek Station. Might want to ask a ranger but if you head down maybe a mile (it's been a looong time) you'll see a prominent oak on the right hand side with a parking area. Directly across the road you'll see more parking too.

Search around and there should still be a rope there for a little support down the slope.

At the bottom you're going to want to head to the right...upstream. In other words, away from the graffiti. There's some cliffs there where people like to jump and injure themselves. If I remember you'll need to wade in to get across the stream but once you do you can make your way to some nice pools.

Seem to remember a lot of poison oak so watch your step.

The Sespe is flowing? I was there a couple months ago and it was crazy dry. That's good news!
Sitting Bull

VermillionPearlGirl wrote:
The Sespe is flowing? I was there a couple months ago and it was crazy dry. That's good news!

Is this response to a different thread?

I'd be skeptical re. much water in the Sespe this time of this year. Sad

Huh. Yeah. Clearly I was responding to a post I hallucinated. I should hydrate Smile Forum Index -> News & Conditions
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