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Leslie L

Ross Mountain - which trail to take?

Hi, I'm thinking of doing Ross this weekend.  It seems to me that it's shorter and less gain/loss if you start at Lodgepole Picnic Area at AC mile marker 71 and hike up the gully to the PCT then on to BP etc.  But neither the HPS nor Summit Post mention this route so it makes me think I'm wrong in seeing this as the most attractive route.  Has anyone done this?

I have climbed most of the gullies/chutes in that area. That is cross country travel in steep class 3 terrain.  While it is possible to go up from Lodgepole, don't expect to see any sign of a picnic area there. I would go up PCT from Vincent Gap and save some for Ross.

Hope this helps, good luck!

HPS probably doesn't mention the Lodgepole gully route because no one from Sierra Club has bothered to document the route. Either that or the gully is Class 3 or more. Don't know the answer - just speculating. If you do it then there is a mandatory TR due the next day with pictures...just ask's mandatory. Really. Mandatory.

HPS does mention the route from Dawson Saddle don't they? That is less gain than from Vincent Gap.
Leslie L

Thanks, guys. HPS mentions it here for Burnham and it cuts 4 miles from the trip vs. Dawson Saddle.

When I didn't see it mentioned in any routes to Ross I thought I'd better check to make sure I was seeing this correctly and there wasn't some reason to avoid this route. I'd sure like to shave those 4 miles... I'm hoping someone can confirm this is a viable option.
Uncle Rico

Rambo was up in that area about 10 or so days ago and reported snow/ice conditions on the north-facing slope of Burnham. A lot can change in 2 weeks, but something to consider.


Viable yes, easy no. I have climbed at least 8 different ways up to the ridge between B-P and Throop and would not advise this route as the short cut to Ross.

Have fun and be safe.
Leslie L

Thanks so much for the advice. We've decided to go from Dawson Saddle. We will abort if we encounter impassable ice or maybe we'll bring crampons but I would prefer to travel as light as possible.  I really should have done this hike before I got old.  Anyway I'll report back. Thanks again Smile Forum Index -> General Discussion
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