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ROMAN web server shuts down

The following info is no longer produced:
•MODIS Active Fire Maps
•Geographic Coordination Center maps
•RAWS station listing

The ROMAN web services were designed and maintained initially as a partnership between federal land agencies, the Western Region of the National Weather Service, and the MesoWest research team at the University of Utah. ROMAN was intended for use by fire weather professionals and others requiring access to current fire weather conditions around the nation. However, ongoing operations and maintenance of ROMAN services by the Western Region of the National Weather Service and the MesoWest researchers have continued in recent years without support from the land agencies. Unfortunately, the hardware and software used for ROMAN are now far past their design life requiring major upgrades for which there is no funding available at this time.

The fire maps were cool.... recent burn activity made public to have an accurate record of the fire. And then the station listing which you could see the big picture of the weather....or drill down to an individual station to obtain temperatures throughout the day and rain precipitation.

Well, that sucks.  Sad  The MODIS information was super useful during the Lake Fire, and weather data is always of interest to backcountry travellers.


ROMAN server

Warning! Rant mode!

The key phrase:

no funding available at this time

Ask billionaires to pay a few extra points in tax to fund valuable public services? Unthinkable. Forum Index -> News & Conditions
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