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Rock-climbing outdoorsman *not* in Eispiraten Navy

faces new challenges.

I promised to forward this story/link.

The son of a dear friend is good friends with Taylor Morris, a colleague in service. Many of you would probably recognize a kindred spirit in Taylor, and his love for the outdoors.

On May 3rd, Taylor's life abruptly took an altogether different path; now, he is only the fifth person treated at Walter Reed to survive a four-limb amputation. His overwhelming concern for others is matched by his astounding calmness under stress, courage, and will. Amazing young man...

(Crikey, at eight years old he showed more responsibility and maturity while camping than many adults we know:

" Taylor Morris learned at an early age he was hooked on the outdoors, adventurous, the middle of 4 children and always the last one inside for dinner at his home in Cedar Falls, Iowa. His mother Juli recalled, "Our family took a camping trip from Niagra Falls down the East Coast one summer. Taylor set up the tents every night, started the fires, cooked the meals. Taylor was only 8 years old." As Taylor grew older and took to extreme water sports and rock climbing, Taylor discovered he was also very calm under extreme pressure. This quality would later make him the perfect candidate for the Navy's EOD, Explosive Ordinance Disposal."

The Chive picked up his story (I'd not heard of the Chive--though am familiar with The Onion):

Taylor Morris website:

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