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Uncle Rico

Reyes Peak (LPNF)

Pics from Reyes Peak in the Los Padres National Forest (Ventura County). Pine Mountain Road closes December 15, so if you want to save some mileage and/or stay the night along Pine Mountain Road, now is the time.

Maricopa Highway

Lockwood Valley from Pine Mountain Road

Pine Mountain Road

Trail Signage

Reyes Peak


Oxnard Plain

Reyes Peak Trail



Blue Ridges

Anacapa Island


Thanks for the photos and TR. Twenty-five years ago I used to spend a  bit of time up in the Sespe and Ventana Wilderness areas, and your post brought back fond memories (as well as one with a bit of tragedy).

You posted some great pics; Dramatic light and shadow contrast of both sky and earth with this photo:

kind regards,
Uncle Rico

Hey thanks rock. I'm wondering why I haven't been into that area for awhile myself. Really nice country--altitude, vistas, peaks, lack of crowds. Pretty hard to beat.

Pine Mountain Road reminds me an awful lot of the drive out Blue Ridge, but the road is better since they've resurfaced it. Like Blue Ridge, lots of nice car camping spots along that ridgeline.

You speak my language Uncle Rico..and superb  photographs as well. Thanks for posting them. Is Blue Ridge in the Dick Smith Wilderness? I'm going through my paper maps right now.Thanks again for the inspiration ...repelmen
Uncle Rico

repelmen wrote:
Is Blue Ridge in the Dick Smith Wilderness? I'm going through my paper maps right now.

Hey repelmen- the Blue Ridge I was referring to is in the ANF just southwest of Wrightwood, roughly here:,-117.65019&z=13&b=t

There's a gravel road that runs along its length from ACH out to Guffy Camp. Fine country. Forum Index -> Other SoCal Ranges
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