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Redrock Mountain 1936 attempt 11/22/16

After starting out down the rest of Templin Highway, a DWP worker pulls up and asks me what Im up to. I answer "hiking"....and then he says "Arent you worried about the mountain lions?". If there is one thing about this area that you dont want, its to be jinxed about lions Very Happy My last visit to the area a year ago, Im pretty sure I was within sight of a lurking lion, so that added to the mix. But I was thinking if I bet that guy $1000, he couldnt encounter a lion to save his life.

I took the what today is the normal canyon to pianobox to the saddle/ridge of Redrock Mtn. I had forgotten which way to go up around some rock outcroppings above, but by sticking to main downhill use path, it was all travel on the right hand side, with a shaded scramble at the end.The register at the benchmark had people generally saying it had been 2-3 hours to reach the modern day summit, but I was at around 4-4.5 hours. There was about 4.5 hours left of daylight.

I continued on and noticed my exit plan was starting to blur up quite a bit. I was planning on getting to the old Redrock Mountain 3623, ala 1936, and descending a bit and then get down to Cienega canyon. However my planned exit was a bit too steep...oh well, I didnt care as I figured it just mean more brush than a clear path. The ridge past Redrock was quite nice and clear, with views towards the north. So far, so good. No lion kill remains either.

The next drainage over is considered the main approach to a particular mine, so eventually I dropped down into it...a bit too early. By the time I made it to any thought about peak 3623, it was 2pm, so 3 hours of daylight left. So close, but not enough time to check out the views. The mostly dry creekbed started to commence a technical section. The first drop was a little more than 40ft...but I wasnt expecting any drop, so now its 2:30pm. Shortly after that was another surprise drop and it was tall. And I knew there was an expected tall one coming up after that.

So I decided to retreat. By taking a middle ridge splitting the 2 creeks(correctly vs staying in the drainage), I squeaked out on top of the redrock mountain ridge at 4pm. I made it to pianobox at 5pm, aka pitch black darkness.

So Im walking along the trail and thinking about lions. It wasnt the spookiest place to be, but I could imagine a lion waiting for a deer to pass by. As I was moving along, a huge rustling of a brush close to me on the right, just behind me, from a perfect strike attack position. Of course, I assumed it was a mountain lion, who had been patiently waiting for me to pass by all that time....and turned superfast to attempt to defend myself. By that time however, the rustling was moving away from me, and it wasnt no lion....whew. I got to the car at 7pm, with only the sound of a coyote keeping me company thereafter. The DWP workers were still at work, with floodlights illuminating the hillsides.

Moving closer to peak 3623 area, the OG peak...vs the modern day 4489.



A lot of views available....this one is past Redrock benchmark towards the northeast

If you are attempting the mine, stay clear of this drainage for now. Walk past the canyon left ridge to a high point and descend the middle ridge.

Looking down the 40ft drop

40ft drop(bottom left) and surrounding redrock
Uncle Rico

Is that canyon known for mountain lions or did the DWP guy just get in your head?  Shocked

Also, is Redrock Mountain proper at Pt. 4489, north of the benchmark?

Uncle Rico wrote:
Is that canyon known for mountain lions or did the DWP guy just get in your head?  Shocked

Also, is Redrock Mountain proper at Pt. 4489, north of the benchmark?

Yup, Redrock Mountain is 4489.
The area is said to be known for mountain lions. To what degree is anyone's guess. There are a lot of deer trails just below the ridge (uphill of the benchmark). The DWP guy was misinterpreting the significance of lions because of Lake Castaic and its attraction to animals. A video of the ridge: Skip to min 5:30

Thanks for sharing those photos. Sounds like a fun trip.

Sean, Dima, Cecelia and I went to the BM, then returned via Redrock Canyon. Dima was aware that a mine was in the vicinity and searched a little but didn't find it. This is the first I've heard about lion activity, but the video you linked showed a lot of kills. Really awesome geology there.

Finding that mine would be a rush. Forum Index -> California
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