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Redrock Cyn to falls labeled on the map

Was out scouting for possible canyoneering routes and had looked at Redrock Mtn area as a possible untapped resource over the years.

I coaxed someone to go with me the date set we headed out Thursday 12/29

Bernd and I had hiked out Castaic Creek 5/24/2014 to where the Redrock Trail leaves the old road grade (Telco cable route?).

Ron and I hiked here (Trail down to creek) after relying on my spotty memory from 1˝ years ago mostly avoiding the various dead ends on the ORG in Castaic Creek.

Down to Redrock Creek from the ORG and up the flowing creek from our recent rains (RATS I left my neoprene socks at home) I kept my feet dry for a long time but eventually succumbed after my knee really started complaining.

There was no/little evidence anyone going up here except for a fairly recent trash strewn campsite about 1/10th mile in. (34.6389995,-118.6565256 2236)

I noted a strange rock which was more like a pile of sand in the shape of a rock. Rub your hand on it and sand comes off.

The creek and surrounding terrain are not prone to flooding resulting in little clearing out of brush and deadfalls you might otherwise enjoy.

While not extensive Brambles (Rubus ursinus) where prevalent, along with Rose bushes (Rosa nutkana var. setosa), little poison oak was evident.

The hike this most reminded me of was the exit of Hot Springs Canyon (Salamander) in the Santa Ana Mtns.

The Sycamore trees (Platanus racemosa) have a nice tendency to grow straight up before branching out and have a less mottled bark, being a nice light grey color, with the surrounding dramatic geology made for a pleasing natural setting

10:20 am rolled around with 11am rearing it's ugly head and we were not at our destination. GPS indicated 0.40 miles as the crow flies to our destination. Time calculations rolling in my head 4hrs  to here... When do we turn back? Oh crap when will I be here again?

Onward we go. The canyon finally starts to narrow making for some more scrambling over bramble festooned rocks and down trees. My knee is really bugging me now the hike out will be fun!(?)

Another hour got us to our destination. 25 to 30-ish foot falls with some flowstone covered with moss and canyon walls with ferns (Adiantum capillus-veneris). The falls remind me of what most here have seen is Millard Cyn Falls. A narrow canyon section with Chock Stones piled up blocking the canyon and filling the area behind with sand and soil.

Another interesting aspect is the mountain overhanging this location with Stalactites. My video isn't all that good. Ron recorded lots of 2d video with his Gopro and flew his drone to the area above the falls, hopefully he will share some of it...

My knee was really complaining now more so going down than up but no sense complaining you got yourself in here you get yourself out!

I was surprised to see our time out which got us to templin highway about 4:30pm for about 9˝hrs 10.8 miles on the GPS odometer

The ride home the old knee was really throbbing WTH??? After Icing it and Arthritis Strength time-released tylenol, staying off it, it seems to be back.

Friday evening, while sitting at the dinner table talking with my wife while she was making dinner  I was looking at my pill organizer with the days of the week I noticed I had Friday|Saturday|Sunday|Monday had yet to be opened....

Hummm you F^%king Dipsh!t Seems I didn't take my medications on Thursday morning!


360 video

This video REQUIRES you to use Google Chrome Browser for the spherical image to work

Unfortunately there are "losses" when it is processed for youtube

That 360 video is cool.


I think you meant:

Cool trip! Did you get enough information for your future canyon descent?

future canyon descent?

Yeah unfortunately my head is writing checks my body can't cash

But Ron seems determined to do the trip

Maybe I can do some sort of support role Sad

The upper part seems to have an abrupt change in flora with Firs and Pines so who knows Forum Index -> Other Ranges
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