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Rain Jacket

Hello All,
   Looking to get a rain jacket and I thought I'd see what people think before I make my purchase.   I'd like this to be an all season jacket and I've been looking at Arc'teryx.    Now my question is are these jackets worth the money and how do they fare in non winter conditions.  
    The jacket I'm thinking about getting is the Arc'teryx Alpha SL.   It looks to be pretty solid in terms of features and the price is right.   Has anyone used this jacket?  Any comments on how it holds up?   Everyone's help is appreciated.   Thanks.

Somethings to consider for you.

The jacket is pretty lightweight at 12 oz.  But it appears to be lacking some features that I find pretty standard.

There doesn't appear to be any side / hand pockets on this jacket.  There also doesn't appear to be any brushed or polyester linings on the collar/wrist areas to avoid that cold outerlayer feeling against the skin.

I find these two things to be deal breakers for me.

I've been using the marmot oracle jacket for over a year now and it is 4oz heavier at 16 oz but it does have some nice features like the brushed linings, zippered hand pockets, and removable hood.  I use it as an all season jacket, in the snow, wind, rain, and cold as my outer layer.

It's also priced about 80 bucks lower than the jacket you have mentioned.

If it's an all-season jacket aren't you going to be a little warm in it during a summer downpour? It seems like it'd be difficult to have it all with one of these. Personally I have the Marmot Precip, which is nice, but i just saw this jacket advertised and it looks good:

Thanks for the advice.   I want to get stuff that I can use all year round and I'm curious if you can get gear for that purpose.   I looked at the marmot Oracle and it looks to be like a really nice jacket.   Thanks for the advice Forum Index -> Gear & Fitness
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