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R2R2R may 2014

Running the Grand Canyon in early May 2014, again. im going with my friend who lives there. and possibly Longcut if his family n work let him come. Anyone else is welcome. Itll most likely be sometime between May 5th and 10th. We will be running it. last time took 15 hours cause a snowstorm hit us. I plan on doin better this time as long as theres no snowstorm. Smile    

(or, if anyone comes to Yosemite area n wantsta run far, i do 25-45 mile runs almost every week on my days off work, n  anyones always welcome on those too. I also have Atlas runnin snowshoes now, so running will continue all winter in the back country, wanna guide? i know where all the cool shit is, just PM me. )

Longcut, get Craig to do tha canyon run again! Im also gonna see if Catra wantsta go to, shes the crazy tattooed ultrarunner chick who keeps commin out n running all over my backyard Smile


25-35 mile runs every damn weekend?!! Maybe I can just crew for you. And Craig barely has any energy left for running after surfing four days a week. Then again, he did the CRHT on that training plan earlier this year so maybe it works for him!

Ya. i do 12 miles a day 4 days a week after work. then 1 day off, then a long run in the mtns. then a easy 6 the next day to stretch my legs.  Im doin about 30 min of kettelbell workout every mornin too, it helps my core strength n keeps my arms in shape for when i go climbing occasionally Smile

im pretty happy cruzin along at an average 70 miles a week now, im in WAY better shape than the last GC run.  im never tired n have like zero recovery time intil i get over 40 miles, i did a 24 mile day last friday from 3900ft up to 8000ft,  n wen i got home it didnt feel like ide done much of anything. my endurance is makin me pretty happy now. Once im warmed up i can cruz along all day up n down the Sierra,if i fuel right i dont start feelin tired til bout hour 13. Smile    but, its all i do, i only work 5 hrs a day, n i sleep bout 9 hrs a nite, so the rest is just food n runnin time  Smile     my job here at the coffee shop really set me free to run as much as i possibly can. so im pretty lucky that i have all the time in the world to do everything i want, which is run and eat cake


"all the time in the world to do everything I want, which is run and eat cake."

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