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R2R v Ski Hut to top

Guestimating time to do a Rim to Rim, south to north, Grand Canyon hike.

Please fill in the blanks for me if you've done both.

Manker to Peak via ski hut in _____ hrs.
Manker to Peak via service rd and Devils Backbone in _____ hrs.

R2R via S. Kaibab in ______ hrs.

All one way times would be great.

Thank you.

i am not fast, as my times will demonstrate.  genetic testing has proven that i am built for stamina, not speed.

multiple trips manker to summit - 3.5 hrs + / - w/o stops.  add 30 mins + / - for stops.

north rim to south rim - 12 hrs 58 mins - includes 2 hrs 19 mins stoppage time for pix, lunch, watering, cool off.

imho there's no way to compare the two hikes.  if you're training for rim to rim, think long hikes in heat.

Re: R2R v Ski Hut to top

drndr wrote:

Manker to Peak via ski hut in _____ hrs.
R2R via S. Kaibab in ______ hrs.

Manker to Peak via ski hut in 2:00 hrs.
R2R [South to North] via S. Kaibab in 8:45 hrs.

Thanks everyone.

R2R in 7.
R2R2R in 15:30.
Ski hut to summit, a bit under 2.

Edit...Manker to summit via ski hut:  a bit over 2.

If you're good for 7 hours on your feet with plenty of elevation change, you'll be fine. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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