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Question for "Mr. Mt. Lukens" Matt Maxon...

Is the actual  "Sister Elsie" benchmark still up there? I've seen the "Sister Elsie" azimuth mark near the HPS register site, and La Crescenta H4 reference marks 4 and 5 at the other end of the summit, but not the actual Sister Elsie benchmark with triangle in the center -- those others just have an arrow pointing, presumably, at the real benchmark...

You don't have to say where the benchmark is; just let me know if it's still there...I don't want to spend a lot more time looking if it's gone (or inside a fenced area)...


(who signed in on the same page of the register on which you recorded your 1000th trip up there back in October 2006...and thanks you muchly for all your trail-restoring efforts on Lukens...)

Yeah the maker was disturbed by construction and eventually I assume it was thrown down the side of the mountain.

Though I guess someone could have carried it down

Thanks! Now I can just enjoy the views when I'm up there, and quit looking for that benchmark...

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