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Hey Guys how does one need to format a picture to get it to appear as the profile picture here?

You mean the Avatar under your name?

Max size is 200x200 pixels, 64kb. This is the maximum the software allows. I've tried to change it, but that's as high as it will go.

To edit a photo to make it the right size and format, I use MS Paint. CTRL-W brings up the resize menu. CTRL-E brings up the dimensions menu, which tells you both how big it is in pixels, how large the file is, and the resolution.


Taco, glad to know there is another out there still using MS Paint. I also like IrfanView - it's free, lightweight, and fast. It is my default image viewer/resizer/retoucher...

Gotta keep it OG, Greg.

I'll check out that software in a bit. Thanks! Forum Index -> Admin & Tech Support
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