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Possible Lost Hikers - San Gorgonio

I am posting this on behalf of a friend, so I may not have the best information.

A group of 6-8 hikers were to summit San G via Vivian Creek today and were to return by 5-6pm. As of this time they have not returned and their car is still in the parking lot. They started at about 7-8am this morning. I only have information on two of the hikers.

Allison Santos
24 years old
About 5'5"

Her boyfriend(name unknown)
Athletic Build
short hair

No descriptions for the other 4-6 hikers.

The group had a permit from my understanding. They planned on summiting via the Vivian Creek trail were not going off-trail to my knowledge. Skill level is unknown. Navigation and survival skills are unknown.

Vehicle Information:
Nissan Sentra 7DGH410

If anyone saw this group today, please message here or contact authorities as any information could help.

Thank you.


The authorities were contacted and they were found early this morning. One in the group was injured and they are making their way back down. Thanks.

It's not likely that they would have finished in 10 hours even if one of them weren't injured. 7 or 8 is a late start to summit that mountain and get down by 5 or 6.

Glad that they were found and are safe. Forum Index -> News & Conditions
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