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Winner gets... confidence in weather guessing?

For safety's sake, I'm saying average. I'd be real happy if we got average or better conditions.

We need more green!

A somewhat consistent soak.

Hell, I'd put up with good enough conditions for East Fork Santa Anita to grow ganja gain. Rain dance!

Mother Nature? ... are ya hearing me?

Given the history short as it is...

We are going to need to move to higher ground it's going to be a wild ride

I hope it rains cats and dogs. Literally.

Dude!  Don't say that!  How would we ever spay and neuter them all?


Sean wrote:
I hope it rains cats and dogs. Literally.

Dogs, no problem.  Cats, ehhhhhh.  Just as long as it doesn't pour rattlesnakes  Twisted Evil

Sorry for the doom and gloom report - but hey, for now, let's just see if we can see more snow this year, foot by foot...

Snowfall in the San Gabriel Mountains could drop 30 to 40 percent by mid-century, according to a new UCLA study

The more detailed report...

I say, ENSO neutral this winter.   A whole lotta La Nada.

500mb chart........wtz dat? Dallas cant even hit a 7 day forecast anymore.

More humid, more thunderbumpers, not when or where needed, tho

More lightning sparked fires..thats not been seen in these parts by me in long time.

yea,lets pave another mega mall parking lot...........

Mother Nature is slowly getting even............

IMHO....of course  Shocked

Good winter

My theory..
We've had a lot of summer blooms and fruit on plants that seldom produce any fruit or blooms. I am talking about the joshua tree yucca, gooseberry, wax currants, elderberries and thimbleberries. Spring 2013, Joshua trees had an extreme bloom, the biggest in 30 something years, according to what I heard from a ranger and articles. Summer 2013, I have seen more thimbleberries and elderberries in the Gabes, Berns and Sierra than I have ever seen before. These plants must be producing mass amounts of seeds and fruit because they know a big rain is coming.

Or.. I could be thinking too much. It could just be Obama's fault.   Laughing

Re: Good winter

moppychris wrote:
My theory ... These plants must be producing mass amounts of seeds and fruit because they know a big rain is coming.

I can't subscribe to any theory that ascribes clairvoyance to a plant. This article posits a more realistic theory: that the unusual blooms are a stress response to less rain than normal. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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