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Paso Frog

Not exactly our backyard, but I spotted this guy while on vacation in the Peachy Canyon area west of Paso Robles.  

DSC00279 by moore91024, on Flickr

Can't seem to match him to anything on Anyone recognize him?

(Edited to add) The more I look, the more I am thinking California Toad with coloring a little bit outside the norm.  One of the photos is captioned "Adult emerging from a California ground squirrel burrow," which is the situation I found this guy in.

Not sure what species he is, but he is kinda cool.  Smile

Mike P

A little tardy on the reply... that is a California Toad. Nice picture!

Thanks for the confirmation!  I think he's cooler looking than the California toad photos that come up on Google images Smile


He's a peach of a toad.  Laughing

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