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Palm springs tram

My wife wants to take the tram after Christmas up to the pines cafe for the ride and dine package. How is it? It will be about $72 for both of us, is it worth it? Also what will the average temps be around 4pm up there.

Peaks Restaurant

Very beautiful setting, but very average food. Temps likely below freezing in the evening.

Thanks. a little looking around the net found this not one good review.  Shocked

Out of two times eating at the cafe, both times the food was mediocre at best. Service was so slow and everything is crazy expensive.

I'd just take the tram up, go outside if your brave, and have a drink at the bar to warm up, can always order an appetizer there.

Like everyone above mentions, the Tram's restaurant is nothing special.  Just take the Tram up, enjoy the snow and Desert View areas in Long Valley, then come down to Palm Springs for a good meal.  Some of the PS locals on here could probably recommend a good one, or just use my 'default' plan - go into the Hyatt or Hilton.  They both usually have good restaurants.  Wink

FWIW:  AAA card gets you a 10% discount of Tram tickets.  Smile Forum Index -> Other SoCal Ranges
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