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Orange County Hiking??

I am thinking I would not mind hiking some of the HPS peaks this weekend if I can, I assume everything is all clear (in regards to closures) in Orange Country. Has anyone hiked Santiago and Modjeska? I might try them instead of the Verdugos.

thanks for your input,

and I guess I should start a new topic called Orange County Urban Hiking? For now I will leave it here.

Re: Orange County Hiking??

Travis wrote:
Has anyone hiked Santiago and Modjeska?

I think these peaks might have burned and are in a closure area. Here's the summitpost entry for Santiago...

Notice: The Cleveland National Forest is currently under a closure due to fire conditions. The Santiago Fire is burning close to the top of the the peak (10/27/07).

Maybe do some walking on the beach? Confused

I hiked Santiago via the Holy Jim trail several years ago. The trail is nice, although the last couple of miles are on a fire road. The views from the peak are great, although you have to walk around a forest of towers to take them all in. Trabuco Canyon Road is an adventure in a car -- a high clearance 4WD vehicle seems to be the norm there.

The Cleveland National Forest is closed at present due to the Santiago Wildland Fire. We know someone in Trabuco Canyon who was allowed back home yesterday, but I'm sure it'll be a while before hikers are welcome.

The Santa Ana Mountains are closed. In fact the Santiago fire is still burning in theses mountains.

I live in South OC, so i hike in the here when I am short on time. I think Sitton peak is the most scenic, while Santiago is the most challenging. Its not hard, just long, hot and dry. Bedford peak is a nice short hike, or you can continue on to Bald peak for a bigger challenge. The Santa Ana mountains offer some of the best mountain biking in Socal, so if you hiking, look out for bikes!!! Forum Index -> Other SoCal Ranges
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