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Old Water Bottle that you're not using much?

OK, long shot, but has anybody got an old water bottle laying around with a cap like this?  

I broke the cap on a very nice double wall water bottle.  I'd like to keep the bottle if I can.  The threaded area is about 4 cm outside diameter, and it appears to be about 3 tpi (threads per inch).  Thread thickness is about 2 mm. The depth of the threaded area is about 3 cm although anything close would work; it's the outside diameter and thread that matters.

Anyway, if you've got such a bottle with such a cap laying about (and would be willing to part with it), please send me a PM.


Klean Kanteen caps have about those specs, except 4tpi, instead of 3tpi. If that's actually what you meant, you can buy replacements for abour $5:

Thank you.

It looks like, based on what others have been telling me, that this is a fairly standard thread.  Hydroflask appears to have the same threads as well.

I'm going to head to REI this weekend and see if HydroFlask or KleenKanteen's caps fit my bottle.

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