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Okay I'm gonna ask- anyone encounter homeless at some camps?

I don't want to say where.....and it's not a huge thing....but a little awkward if you want to camp.  Anyone else??  I'm talking about the San Gabs.

Once at Gould Mesa.  Then there was a guy living in Rubio Canyon a few years back.  And then a shrieking crazy nut at Idlehour.  The shrieker was really unnerving.


I've seen a few. The ones that I'm uncomfortable with are in the spaces marked H-O-S-T. Embarassed
Seriously, I don't think there is much of a screening process by the FS when it comes to filling those positions.


Ive been fortunate, I guess. "Shreiker" at Idlehour? Yikes! Now that might have me packing out.

The San Gabes are crawling with folks that don't have a house. There used to be a guy that called himself "Wolf" that lived part time in Bear Canyon off the Upper Arroyo Seco. He had a recumbent bicycle with a trailer that he rode up & down The Crest.  I met him at Gould Mesa whence he told me he was on his way to Glendale to pick up a government check, then on to Tujunga to score some acid to bring back to the mountains, as if such a thing was commonplace.

And don't forget the mysterious, shopping cart-pushing man that Jody Noiron says started a fire right next to the ranger station which consumed half of the forest, who then disappeared without a trace, leaving The Angeles with nothing but a ton of FEMA money for her new offices.

One of Jody's employees used to make the trip down the hill for the nut who lived above Chilao. I know the green truck delivered food- I hope that was all.

Slap an official-looking emblem on the side of your vehicle and nobody asks questions... But I'm sure they're all saints.

Packer Greg, that's very interesting!  I ran into a guy 35-45 I guess.....used the word "score" a lot. Didn't mention anything about acid though.  I talked with him, thinking he was just an outdoorsman.  Eventually, it dawned on me.  He was nice enough however.

Hi all, back for the holidays then back to my long term endevorvers in the hills. I been up off and on since past March, last trip 30 days in. I know for a fact the boys at Big Pine are adamant about the issue.

While first meetings the one that makes a weekly trip on Tuesday to Guffy,(and BTW a great guy) thought me the above, but after talking over a period of weeks and understanding my quest, warmed up to my "bucket list". They point out the LA river as the best for that, and them.

I personally haven't run into anyone that fit's the bill in the Prairie Fork, Mine Gulch and Fish Fork area's while there, but prolly a good idea to keep aware of it. (screamers drive me nuts)

I'll be back in after turkey day till xmas, so will keep the thread posted if seen any of above.

Maybe we can get CM or Tracker to drop a bear in the backyard of em Laughing  Laughing

I would'nt think the lazy ones would even go that far in, too much work, although I know Heaton Flats and a bit higher have had some before.

There's a fellow in Monrovia that I've encountered, that to my understanding has been living there for the better part of 5 years or longer. He has a nice spot, but looks at you sideways if you go off trail, thinking you might be after his things. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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