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Ojai: Trailhead auto burgular arrested :D
The Ojai PD has arrested a guy they suspect is responsible for numerous car break-ins over the last couple years…

Nature of Incident: Trailhead Vehicle Burglary Arrest
Report Number: 13-24646 / 13-24641 / 13-24653
Location: Matilija Canyon Trailhead
Date & Time: 12/06/13 at 1030 hours
Unit(s) Responsible: Ojai Investigations and Ojai Patrol
Suspect: Luis Santillan, Oak View

Narrative: During the weekend of November 2, 2013, deputies from the Ojai Sheriff’s Station responded to a report of several vehicle burglaries in the Matilija Canyon Trailhead parking lot. Vehicle windows were broken out and property was taken from inside the vehicles, including purses and personal electronics.

On 12/06/13, after an extensive investigation, Ojai Detectives were able to identify a suspect, Luis Santillan, involved in the vehicle burglaries.

The Investigation revealed that Santillan had been involved in numerous vehicle burglaries in the Matilija Canyon including at the Trailhead and Hot Springs over the years.

Santillan was arrested and booked into the Ventura County Jail for PC 459 – Burglary. Santillan’s bail was set at $10,000.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind citizens when visiting trailheads or other open areas, to remove valuables from plain view inside the vehicle and secure them in the glove box or trunk whenever possible.

Prepared by: Senior Deputy Mike Harris

Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy


Score one for the good guys.

a rare win, must have broken in to a cops car

Many years ago a buddy was duck hunting at Tule Lake.  As he was returning from his hunt he saw a guy coming out of his camper with his spare gun, camera and other articles.  Armed with his duck gun he asked him to stop.  The guy ended up with a butt full of duck shot.  Later that morning he was at the local Sheriff office with the deputy who was obviously angry.  My buddy figured the thief was the sheriff's son or relative of some local politician and he was in deep trouble.  The deputy turned to him and said, "Only one more piece of paper would have been required and we would have been rid of that SOB.  Too bad you didn't kill him."  The deputy explained the sore azzed thief had been plaguing local campground with thefts for quite some time.  My buddy was quite relieved.  Shocked

mattmaxon wrote:
a rare win, must have broken in to a cops car

With trail cams, Wi-Fi, mobile hot-spots, etc. these busts can get more common.  Very Happy
One downside of the technology being in the woods is trying to pee without worrying.


I don't know why this is so scary prevalent in Ojai, but it definitely seems to be.
Uncle Rico

VermillionPearlGirl wrote:
I don't know why this is so scary prevalent in Ojai, but it definitely seems to be.

It's all those damn blue-collar tweekers in Oak View and Casitas Springs.


ah, good to know that occasionally these jerks get caught.
Sitting Bull

Give those cops a pat on the back and as much publicity as possible.  Tweet, forward etc. that article to the world!

Car break-ins at trailheads are rampant.  Never leave anything visible in your car.  

Next time you're at a trail-head, take a look at the ground in the parking lot.  See all that small green glass covering the entire area?  Yea, that's all car door glass.   Thieves find a car with a wallet or something they want which is visible.  They then park their car 20' away....and shoot the window of the target car with a bb gun.  The window will turn to near powder, without much of a sound.  If nobody notices or comes of them jumps out and takes what they want from the car.  

If you leave your wallet in a visible spot inside your car, at a trail-head....I bet you'll be robbed (depending on the location) 1:5 times.  Thieves are omnipresent; you just don't always realize it.  We did South Hawkins this weekend.  When we got back to our car, sure enough, there was a new pile of green glass on the ground next to our car.   Somebody got hit....not us. Forum Index -> News & Conditions
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